SCAM Alert | Do Not Buy Dash Cam Without Reading This

It seems like it wasn't long ago that the only places we really saw dash cams were when we were sitting on our couch has been watching episodes of cops and laughing as the police had to respond to a report of an alligator on the loose or whatever. But with the decreasing costs of portable video recorders I mean you can get smartphones with basic cameras for like twenty dollars.

These days DashCams have become popular with ordinary drivers for a number of reasons other than just watching spectacular footage of Russian car accidents. One of the biggest of these is to record evidence to show your insurance company or the court if it comes to that in the event of a wreck since it can be hard to determine who's telling the truth and witnesses aren't always available. In fact many insurance companies now offer discounts to drivers with dash cams giving drivers and even bigger incentive to buy one but which one should you pick at first glance.

DashCam seems like a pretty straightforward affair since they're just cameras that sit on your dashboard and record everything. However some DashCams have nicer features that can make your life a little bit easier. Because DashCams record continuously on a limited amount of storage such as an SD card. A good idea is to get something with a looping function that will automatically record over your old video that you no longer need. When the card reaches its capacity but Linus what if someone hits me because they were playing Pokemon go behind the wheel instead of paying attention to the road with my DashCam. Just record over and if I leave it sitting for too long well if you bought a quality model.

It shouldn't as many DashCams also have a g4 sensor that can detect sudden changes in acceleration including impacts with other vehicles. When this happens your camera will remember to save whatever was recording at that time instead of overriding it of course making sure your footage get saved.

Won't be much help if you had an accident while driving at night and your camera is struggling to record in the darkness. So it's also not a bad idea to check a dash cams at night-time video quality. Unfortunately DashCams that have infrared or night vision which you can learn more about here often aren't all that reliable. So a camera that advertises that as a feature might not necessarily work as promised.

Other bells and whistles include things like late departure, warning motion sensors that can switch the camera on when your parts to record things like break-ins or battery backup. So you can use it outside of your car if needed but none of these are substitute for good old-fashioned image quality given. It's quite easy to find full 1080p dash cams for well under a hundred US dollars these days. There's not much reason to go with anything lower and you might want to consider getting something with a wider resolution such as 2560 x 1080 so you'll end up capturing more of the stuff that's going on in the sides of your car as well.

Before you rush out to buy a new dash cam make sure you know what's legal in your area while some countries like the US generally allow video recording in public spaces like highways other countries like Austria been outright and a number of other European countries like Germany have placed restrictions on their use and restrictions on where you can post footage due to concerns over privacy. If the local cops have no problem with DashCam usage do your homework and pick up something reliable not only will you have greater peace of mind but you might just capture the next viral video of a falling meteor or kangaroo attack on your next daily commute. Now your question is, where to buy cheap but very high quality and long lasting Dash Cam? Here you go.

iPhone 7 and 7 Plus review


Hey it’s the iphone 7 now. I promise we’re gonna talk with headphone jack but let’s start with something fun. The iphone 7 is water-resistant, it’s not quite as water resistant as Samsung phones but it’s still not gonna freak out if you get it wet and that’s awesome. The new iphone 7 and 7 plus look more or less exactly like the iphone 6 and 6 plus from 2014. There are some small differences like stereo speakers tweaks antenna lines and bigger camera bombs but the biggest change the new iphone is the removal of the headphone jack. It comes with lightning earpods and a dongle for using your old headphones which cost nine dollars you lose it. Apple’s forcing a big change by taking away the headphone jack and the ecosystem around that change is pretty mature. This is all going to be really inconvenient while everyone adapts and builds adapters. Apples also pushing wireless audio really hard and I got to try out a pre-production set of air pods. The new wireless earbuds I can’t review them since they’re prototypes but they worked pretty well even though every single person i showed them to thought the case look like dental floss. Apple says it needed to take out the headphone jacks look at all kinds of other new features. The iphone 7 like better cameras the taptic engine haptic feedback system water resistance and maybe most importantly a bigger battery. So the real question is whether all that stuff is worth it and whether it’s worth upgrading the iphone 7 while the world around us is still adjusting the biggest IRA change in years. The iphone 7 is one of those beautiful refined designs apples ever made. Particularly the two black ones where the antenna lines blend right into the sides of the body but let’s be honest the second stick this thing into a case. It looks just like the iphone 6. The galaxy note 7 might have problems with exploding but from a visual design perspective Samsung’s definitely pulled ahead this generation inside the case. These are completely new phones that with a bunch of interesting ideas. Take the home button for instance, it doesn’t move anymore instead it’s totally solid. The taptic engine makes feel like a click when you push down on if the phone is off doesn’t move at all. You can set it to three different levels of feedback but none of them feel like a real button. I’m okay with this but other people try my phone really don’t like it you’re gonna have to try it yourself to understand it the taptic engine. Also adds all kinds of other fun to be back to the phone when you drop the notification shade down the phone bumps a little bit. It’s way more useful than three touch which I always thought was a gimmick and still hasn’t really caught off. Balance seven and seven plus also have the new a10 fusion processor. It’s fast but it wasn’t noticeably faster than my iphone 6s plus during my boring day to day use. I’m sure high-end games and other absolute actually take advantage of this new processor but that’ll take some time. The real news with a 10 fusion is it has four cores to which are special low power cores. That means the phone can use less power and stressing it saving battery life in about a week of use i got eight to ten hours a day of her life with the iphone 7 and about 10 to 12 hours a better life seven-plus that’s pretty much what apple claims. But depending on how much you use your phone during the day it could be just the same as the success. The other big news the iphone 7 is the improved camera. It’s improving over the success but it is not a hugely been. It’s about the same as the galaxy s7 the front camera on both your iphones were upgraded to a seven megapixel sensor while the rear camera on the regular iphone 7 has a faster f 1.8 lens and optical image stabilization both which improve my performance. The seven plus has a radical dual camera system on the back with 2 12 megapixel shooters a wide angle lens and a telephoto lens. The two cameras work together as a single system so you can smoothly zoom from 1×2 10x. Eventually apple will enable some fancy depth tricks that will blur the background like a much fancier camera. Here’s the thing the camera is only a little bit better day to day you might not notice it but at the edges of performance and low-light with extreme detail. It is noticeably better the major tells our that the sevens wider aperture lens leads to a slightly softer background. Colors are a little bit more vibrant straight off the camera and where you really see that increased vibrancy is on the iphone 7 screen which can display a much wider range of colors. In the success it’s a very noticeable not only is the screen warmer than the success display but photos look amazing on you can definitely tell a 7 photo apart from a success. When you look at them on the seven other phones with dual cameras like the honor ate. What you do very impressive focused tricks apple says a forthcoming software update will enable a similar depth effect for portraits but for now what you get is the ability to switch between 1x and 2x modes by tapping a button and digital zoom in between them. Then up to 10x front cameras are almost more important than rear cameras in our snapchat world and the iphone 7 front camera is excellent. It’s not quite as wide angle is Samsung’s cameras but it’s bright and sharp in the retina flash is still a terrific idea. The new iphones run iOS 10 which is a terrific upgrade over iOS 9 it has a slick new version of my message all kinds of new features a new version series that can be extended by third-party apps. Better integration with smart home devices in a ton of other new stuff. Of course you can get iOS 10 on any version of iphone so it’s not worth buying a whole new phone just to get it but it’s definitely worth operating in general. The world just isn’t ready for the iphone 7. The most interesting feature of the duel camera doesn’t ship at launch apps have been updated to use that taptic engine. The entire ecosystem of new headphones and adapters required to make use of lightning and wireless audio is just getting off the ground right now. Using the iphone 7 in case feels just like using an iphone 6s with a weird home button and more dongles it’s kinda like apple shipped a prototype of next year’s iPhone disguised as an iphone 6. That’s not all bad the iphone 7 is a terrific phone with a great camera and a gorgeous display. If you need a new phone right now sure by one the iphone 7 starts at six hundred forty nine dollars for 32 gigs of storage and goes all the way up to 969 dollars for a 7 plus with 256 gigabytes of storage. But unless you’re excited to live that early adopter life, you won’t be missing out on much if you wait another year is pointing at the camera good one more the brightness needs to come down